" I am so fortunate to have a composer like Mr. Goode (John Goode). Twenty Three years I’ve been in Hollywood writing & directing & I am amazed at his works. His music is elegant, violent, subtle, moving & what ever I need. I’ve heard hundreds of composers demos over the years that can’t even compare.”
Bill Kopp

“Yes I think you are great! Will keep you on speed dial seriously!”
Savage Steve Holland
Director, Writer

“Working with John was a little bit wacky, a smidge zany and most times downright twisted, which is just what we wanted when bringing Twisted Whiskers to life.  John is versatile in his music abilities and an all around friendly, flexible guy to work with.”
Ryan Wiesbrock
Creative Director
Production & Development
American Greetings Corp

"....very quick delivery, detailed, on time & spectacular orginal scoring! Was the smoothest part of the production."
Laurie Leitzel
Super 78

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with John Goode on countless recordings over the years. He has remarkable talent as a composer and musician. I have complete confidence anyone looking for the quintessential ‘genius’ will find a rare gem in him.”
Paul Scoles

John W F Goode
Professional Composer

Welcome. Please follow links for full information on Film Composer John WF Goode and listen to mp3 samples of his music scores for Film, TV, Concert  Music, Computer Games and Orchestra. John is a trained & talented musician---NOT just some programmer!

As a professional composer John possesses a firm grasp of various film genre type & mood and a thorough knowledge of musical history in order to deliver a perfect film score. His abilities for interpretation of scenes as intended by the film director are exceptional. In today’s digital world the film composer must also be skilled in precise timing and knowledge of the latest sync to picture processes and software.

John W F Goode is just such a professional film composer with all the experience and knowledge, diversity, musical and technical abilities required to deliver a polished, spectacular film score ready for what ever avenue your production takes. With John W F Goode you will be getting an extremely talented, creative and original stand-out score, that will give YOUR production that unique edge you might not have even known was possible.


The range of styles and instrumentation John can compose is vast. The music samples page alone demonstrates how diverse the styles can be, but by no means is a limit to what can be created for your production. This is due in large part, to years of concert piano study and performance, but also from years of touring with groups covering, jazz, rock and blues where John perfomed live as lead guitarist and keyboard player, demonstrating a mastery of both instruments at a very high level of skill and dexterity, sometimes simultaneiously! From the concert hall and orchestra to road-house clubs, John has a thorough first hand knowledge how to ultilize every aspect.



Professionally accredited—professional film composer utilizing state-of-the-art systems for post production edit-ready delivery of sync-to-picture music score. Expert interpretation and delivery of finished film score as per director instruction on deadline. Expertise with all film editing processes, spotting, cue organization and technical arrangement of orchestral sections and instrumentation. Easy to work with—film composer with no ego driven dramas!



All latest digital production foundation hardware and software for completed delivery of music scores for film, TV, theater, orchestra and more. Includes full range of symphonic instrumentation and conventional instrumentation, digital, live, electronic, acoustic and more. Foley work available on case by case basis.