About John W.F. Goode

John W. F. Goode  is a professional, accredited music composer/arranger with over thirty years experience encompassing a vast range of styles and instrumentation used in today's film and TV scores, video games, title themes and jingles. John's state-of-the-art techniques and facilities, together with unique talents honed over years of live performance on the road, as a staff studio composer/musician and film post-production technician assure you of an on-time, complete delivery of a finished product ready for the edit suite. Anyone can claim to be a film composer in today’s digital world. but John is an actual musician - he is an accomplished player with years of experience and not just a programmer.

From full orchestra, jazz combo to rock and more, superior quality and originality mark all his compositions that are tailored by detailed and thoughtful interpretation of your director's and producer's instructions. Classically trained for piano in orchestration since age four, and an award winning rock and blues guitarist, there isn’t a composition task too tall to conquer.


Professionally accredited -all experienced in state-of-the-art systems for post edit-ready delivery of sync-to-picture music, expert interpretation and delivery of finished score as per film director instruction on deadline. Expertise with all film editing processes, spotting, cue organization and technical arrangement of orchestral sections and instrumentation. Easy to work with - no ego driven dramas!


All latest digital production foundation hardware and software for completed delivery of musical scores for film/TV etc... includes full range of symphonic instrumentation, live instrumentation. Foley work available on case-by-case basis.


John spent many years touring in live performance of the original material on the Albums page, together with hundreds of other popular jazz, blues and rock selections in review.